Weekend Finds Pt 2: Sunday Morning Sundae and a Cup o’ Tea.


Weekend Finds Pt 1: Pickles outside Hare Krishna Temple 2nd Ave.

From the Cookie Collection: Chocolate Chip.

Late Night/Early Morning Fruit Salad.

Reader Submission: Bizarre Baby Food Benevolence on W23rd Street.

There’s the ¬†adage of ¬†“it’s the thought that counts” but this is simply a case of “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!” Thanks to Roz for the submission.

Sriracha on Essex St: Condiments Part 2

Things left on bike seats Pt 2: Milk (E2nd Street)

Friday Morning: Sidewalk Fettuccine and Shrimp 1st Avenue.

Earlier This Morning: Giant Roasted Sweet Potato on Avenue A.

Sidewalk Sushi.