Things left on bike seats Pt 1: Tub of Hummus (E4th Street/Avenue A)

Assorted Peppers.

1 Scotch Bonnet/Habanero Pepper found on E13th Street. 2 Cayenne Pepper found on E2nd Street. 3  Long Green Pepper found at Lorimer and Powers Street in Brooklyn. (This was a reader submission from Colin “the Slice Harvester” Hagendorf)

Red Licorice.

The Saturday Morning Ketchup Incident on 2nd Avenue/St Marks: Condiments Part 1

Kraft Cheese Stick Near Stuy Town.

Sunday Morning: Pair Of Fortune Cookies.

Good & Plenty.

Deli Meat and Cheese Roll.

Blueberries on E13th Street.

From the Cookie Collection: Fig Newtons.