Potato Chips E12th Street.

Packet of potato chips  found on E12th Street.

Half Eaten Mandarin Left On East 9th Street.

Discarded Candy


Steak Dinner Park Avenue South

Steak Dinner with orzo pasta, pumpkin, asparagus sides. Found on the road at Park Avenue South/27th Street.

Burger and Fries

Burger and Fries found on Ludlow Street.

Snow Edition: Snow Covered Pizza Slice

Snow Covered Pizza Slice

Dipping Sauces

Pomme Frite dipping sauces left on E13th Street near Broadway.

Chocolate Milk Spill On The Lower East Side.

Chocolate milk spill on the Lower East Side.

Hero on Avenue A

Hero on Avenue A early one morning.

Tub of Pretzels

Tub of Pretzels left next to a trash can on 2nd Avenue.